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“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].”

- Napolean Hill - Think And Grow Rich

Hello and welcome! I'm honored to have you here and excited to share my vision and heart with you. 

Let’s start at the beginning. If you're like I was just a few years ago, you might be asking...

What is a Mastermind?

There seems to be a lot of mystery around the word ‘Mastermind’ but the concept is really simple. At its core, a mastermind is small group of people who commit to each other (usually for one year). They are either in similar places in their career or have similar goals (or both). They come together in the pursuit of shared goals, wisdom and peer accountability. With education and forward progress at its core, a mastermind group brainstorms (and heartstorms) for each other. 

In other words, the collective group forms a master mind

Over the last few years I've not only learned exactly what a mastermind is, but also experienced firsthand the effects of what being a part of one can mean for both personal and career growth.

Members of a mastermind inspire each other to set strong goals and then help each other to accomplish them.

The group thinks creatively and helps each other make wise decisions. Over the course of an entire year, members bring both their success and their problems to the group. Successes are celebrated and problems are troubleshooted. Members are committed to brainstorming and the collective group comes together to creatively think and help one another.

A mastermind is made from a beautiful mixture of commitment, trust and a willingness to both give and receive help. Members commit to being supportive, honest and compassionate for each other.

The mastermind is a safe place to share your biggest dreams, ask your nerdiest questions and truly be surrounded by people who speak your language.

It is not a class or a course and also not considered 'group coaching'. While I will be sharing, mentoring and teaching inside the group, the value goes much deeper because it also comes from the collective wisdom of the group as a whole.

The value of a group like this is truly incredible.

What is a Mark Maker?

I chose the name for this group carefully and intentionally (and I absolutely love what it stands for).

As artists, illustrators and surface designers we are MARK MAKERS. Making marks is the way that we put our beauty into the world - literally by putting pen and paint to paper. 

But most importantly, we are also MAKING A MARK in the world and in our industries through the work that we do. We make an impact by leading the way in sharing our knowledge, our generosity and by defining a greater purpose in our work. 

Our marks make an IMPACT. We are Mark Makers.





What's Included in the Mark Makers Mastermind

Let’s get down to business. Just what will the mastermind entail?

Members of the Mark Makers Mastermind will get an intimate look at how I’ve grown my highly successful 7 figure business. The mastermind offers the highest level of openness, accessibility and mentorship that I offer. It also gets you ‘into the room’ with other markers who have shared goals and the collective wisdom of this incredible group. 

The members of the Mark Makers 2021 Mastermind will get:

  • 12 monthly virtual meetings we call Share Calls. We'll begin in January 2021.
  • 12 monthly small group peer meetings where members meet to check in, brainstorm, hold each other accountable, celebrate and troubleshoot their individual goals.
  • 3 intensive 2-day workshops. These workshops will be highly productive, inspiring and where we move the needle most on accomplishing your goals. Depending on the status of Covid-19, we may try to meet in person for up to two of these meetings, but they will be held virtually until it's safe to travel and meet in groups.
  • Access to everything I offer in 2021 - including the Immersion Course, the Flourish Membership and your own copy of the Flourish Planner (delivered to your front door!)
  • Exclusive access to myself and the group via a private Facebook Group and Voxer Group Chat.

We’ll be covering all aspects of how to grow your business, engage your audience and leave your mark on the world. 

The Mark Makers will learn (just to scratch the surface!):

  • The importance of annual planning & how to map out your year.
  • How to launch a product, workshop, course or membership online.
  • How to start or grow and engage your email list.
  • How to identify your ideal client and create a perfect 'opt-in' for them.
  • Strategies to help you focus, hone your time management and maximize your workflow.
  • Grow an online following that is engaged, responsive and dedicated.
  • How to sell physical products and release collections.
  • Teach in person workshops, classes or retreats.
  • Learn how to market from your heart, in a way that engages your people and shares with them your biggest passions.

The mastermind is a supportive and safe place to share your biggest dreams, ask your nerdiest questions and truly be surrounded by people who speak your language and support your work.

Applications for the 2021 mastermind will be open from November 11th - 18th.

What Current Mastermind Members Are Saying

Meet Mark Maker, Bärbel Dressler

I run my design and education business Bear Bell Productions where I create surface pattern designs for companies and their products and I teach pattern design, Historical pattern styles and drawing.

For the last couple of years I’ve felt that I’ve been stomping around the same ground, doing the same things with the same results. I decided to join Bonnie’s Mark Makers Mastermind this year and it has had a huge impact on me personally and my business.

With the steady and generous leadership from Bonnie and all the gathered knowledge and support from this amazing group of women I learned a very important lesson: to dare to invest in my business. It’s so easy to get comfortable and anxious about engaging in new things, especially if they mean investing money. What if I fail? What if I don’t get things done? But with the mastermind having my back I dared to make several scary leaps and investments that lead to big things; for example launching Evolution - my membership for pattern designers who love historical styles.

If you want new results, you have to do new things, or in a new way. That’s what this mastermind has encouraged and supported me to do more than anything

Meet Mark Maker, Kiley Bennett

Spending this year as a member of Mark Makers has been priceless. For me, the community has proven to be the most valuable aspect of this mastermind, as you get to be a first-hand witness to the incredible talent and knowledge and skill of the collective group. Monthly share calls keep me grounded and motivated, and peer groups hold me accountable and focused on achieving my goals and leaning in to my unique gifts. The generosity among the group (and our fearless leader, Bonnie) is never-ending... each individual is so willing to share and lend one another a hand. There is no question you can't ask, no problem you can't work through, and no dream too big for this group. 

Meet Mark Maker, Sarah Ann 

My heart and my business have been forever transformed by the Mark Makers Mastermind. I have learned so much from Bonnie's leadership, and from the incredibly talented Mark Makers inside this group. Most importantly, this mastermind has challenged my perspectives on what is possible in life and business; it has encouraged me to dream bigger (way bigger), and given me accountability to take action steps toward new levels of growth. It has been a safe space for community and togetherness—a place where we can share our ideas and our hearts with vulnerability... where we will always be met with kindness, support, and encouragement. As our leader, Bonnie is open and transparent; she has shared in-depth knowledge and personal insights with us, offering generously of her time and her expertise. I'm excited to continue with my fellow Mark Makers next year, and I can't wait to see the new heights we are all able to reach together!

Meet Mark Maker, Tiffany Emery

I've never in my life been around such an inspiring group of women.  So many of us came into this group with imposter syndrome, fearing we weren't "enough", myself included.  But when I saw how incredible these women were who also felt like imposters I was able to identify it as a total lie.  And if it was a lie for them, then it was a lie for me too.  These women made me braver and made me believe in myself.  They were a safe place to say crazy dreams and goals out loud.  MMM has been the greatest support system for me as a creative entrepreneur.   We are the loudest cheerleaders for each other in our successes and help to encourage each other when we hit walls, face challenges or just flat have a bad day.  2020 was full of challenges for so many of us, but in the midst of it was a beautiful magic made possible by this sisterhood of creative women.  I've thought many times throughout this year about how close I came to not even applying, and how much I would have sold myself short if I allowed myself to believe I wasn't good enough for this group.  I hope anyone on the fence will push past that, because as Bonnie always says, there truly is room for you here.  MMM has been one of the best decisions I have made in my creative career to date.

Meet Mark Maker, Hope Johnson

As artists, it’s so natural so shift and turn inward with our goals for our work. Having this mastermind, this year especially, has given me a platform to turn outwards towards an incredible group of woman who just GET IT.
Running parallel to the beautiful friendships I’ve formed, these women have a collective source of assets and experience and resources to openly share that you just can’t get in many places.
I could write an endless list of things of things that I’ve told myself “well I can do that solo.” ...but I never did. But I can definitely show a list of actual fruitful accomplishments that I owe to the women in this group.
There is no grace and grit like what you’ll find in the Mark Makers Mastermind. It’s everything I didn’t know I needed. 

Meet Mark Maker, Tracey Wirth

None of us could have foreseen what was ahead of us for 2020, the life changing pandemic, and the pivoting that most businesses had to implement.  Mark Makers Mastermind saw us through this with support and access to 28 minds that we could brainstorm business, design AND was also a safe place to express our lows as well as share the highs of our successes.  This year, with support, I was able to create a website that reflects my personality, artwork and design.  My website along with more licensing contracts were goals of mine from the beginning, the year isn't done yet, and an addition of a shopping cart to my website is still to come.  Goals were made and Goals were met... 

Meet Mark Maker, Stacie Bloomfield

Joining this mastermind was the single best decision that I made for my business, Gingiber. This year my business has more than doubled in revenue, and this is in large part to the things I learned in MMM and the encouragement I received from this community.

I tell people all the time about this mastermind, and I know that anyone who participates in it will reap the benefits. It is a loving, nurturing, and genuinely amazing group.

Meet Mark Maker, Jude Maquire

When I joined MMM I was excited to surround myself with a group of peers and mentors who have enjoyed success in Surface Pattern Design. What I found was a very diverse group of women, some with great success in SPD and some just beginning to include SPD in their efforts.  From Fine Artists, experienced fabric designers with established collections, decorators, as well brick and mortar business owners - just to name a few -  the perspective of each member is unique and varied. Together this has created a great dynamic support group for growing our businesses, imagining further development, inspiring ideas, and general reinvention. I am an Interior Designer with a Marketing background and it was my dream to create my own products for myself & my clients and allow me to pivot my business from a one-on-one services business model to a product based business. I found Bonnie in my route to designing textiles and products a few years ago. The support and experience Bonnie and the MMM group has provided has been invaluable as I am getting ready to launch my first big collection in 2021. Coupled with the isolation of 2020, the connections have been a life raft as we navigate new ideas, learn from each others experiences, pivot to survive in a very different economy and generally just lift each other up. Although Bonnie is the only member I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person (obviously complicated by COVID)  I feel very personally connected to so many in this group and indeed like old friends.  


The Mark Makers Mastermind is an application based program and a 12 month commitment to the group. It’s application based, because I take the curation of this group very seriously. One of the key factors in making the group work will be the people who are inside. Members will all bring a unique perspective and special value to the group. 

Applications to the Mastermind are open to anyone:

  • Over the age of 18 who identifies as a creative entrepreneur (no, you don’t have to be a surface pattern designer!). 
  • Who’s been in business for at least 12 months.
  • Who’s business earns a considerable income (income will be considered to ensure that applicants are out of the early stages of entrepreneurship and are truly ready to GROW in their business). 
  • Who can commit to attending all/most of the meetings.
  • Identifies as having a bigger purpose and is driven to make their mark on the world. 

  • Is willing to share within the group and help others whenever they can. 

The mastermind is capped at 30 people, all of which will be notified on November 24th. Our first meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 5th 2021 at 1:00pm EST. All calls will be held via ZOOM and recorded in case you can’t make it live. 


While most masterminds cost $25,000 - $50,000 (or even over $100,000) to join for the year, I wanted to create something accessible... something that I myself could have invested in before I had that kind of money to invest.

Because I want the Mark Makers to be affordable yet purposeful to a group that has already reached a certain level in their business, I’ve decided to offer it at a much lower price than the industry standard. Mark Makers 2021 costs $8,000 to join for the entire year, which gets you access to everything listed above). There will also be a $1,500/month for 6 months payment option, as well. 

Because the mastermind is focused on only those who are serious about moving their career forward, there’s a $250 fee to apply. PLEASE NOTE: This application fee will be 100% refunded if you’re not accepted into the program. If you are accepted, it will be credited to the remaining total that you owe. 

I can't wait to read your application!

Applications for 2021 are now closed. Sign up below to be the first notified when they open again.








Photography by Callie Lynch

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