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You were meant to create the beauty you want to see come alive in the world.

We need more art, more beauty, more of YOU. 

But how?

The Membership is designed specifically for budding designers and artists who are looking to grow their artwork and step into creative entrepreneurship.

It equips you with the tools, the community, the mindset, the resources and the support you must have in order to flourish. 

I’ll share the secrets on navigating through the ever-evolving art licensing industry and personally dive into your questions to help keep you moving forward.

“Flourish has become my Surface Pattern Design family. It’s an amazing community full of generous and inspiring people. The content is equally amazing and so helpful." - Jennifer

Hey there, I'm Bonnie. 

For the past 10 years I’ve been working intimately alongside the industry and the artists. I've learned about each in tremendous depth, and know exactly what they both need.

I learned how to become an artist and turned creativity into a career over a decade ago, and I’ve helped thousands of others do the same.

Creativity is calling, my friend.

“Flourish is my ticket to a new life. I'm just beginning my journey and I'm learning so much, gaining so many insights and connecting with so many new people.” - Barbara

Surround yourself with the people who understand your goals, speak your language and know exactly how to support you in reaching the next heights. 

You shouldn’t have to do it alone. That's exactly why I created this community.

Joining us means being instantly surrounded by other artists, illustrators and surface designers who abundantly share resources, brainstorm with you, support you, answer your questions and celebrate your successes.

We believe it's not about competition, it's about community.

No matter where you are in your journey from seedling to flourishing, we’re here to nourish your creativity, inspire you to grow roots and help your creative business thrive.

You deserve to be surrounded by people who just get it.

Flourish has helped me start an entirely new career when I was burnt out with my own creative company. The pandemic hit and I was able to take your courses and join flourish to explore something I've always wanted to explore but never had the time. it's given me a new lease on my creative journey and helped me focus on what I want.
-Melanie Stimmell

Fresh content is delivered to the library each Friday. 

The foundation of a successful artist is consistency. Daily art prompts help make approaching our creativity consistently fun and rewarding! Join an entire community in creation and track your progress. When you reach 100 days, you’re entered to win a giveaway!

Each month, members are invited to a mini mastermind session, where you'll be broken out into small groups to dive deep into each other’s creativity and careers. This is where you’ll make deep connections and serious progress on your goals.

Learn from Bonnie and other key industry leaders throughout the year on topics and techniques that will help you develop as a creative and as an entrepreneur.

Hear firsthand from other artists and surface designers who have successfully turned their art and creativity into their careers. You’ll learn how they did it, what’s working, and get a unique behind-the-scenes look at their portfolios and progress.

Getting answers to questions when you need them most is a game-changer. Members are able to submit questions for Live Q&A calls. You'll hear straight from Bonnie as she answers your pressing questions and shares years of insight and knowledge with other members. It's like having Bonnie right in your back pocket.

As a community, we hold more information about surface pattern design than any other group in the world. To harness the power of the collective genius, we have several community-sourced resources, where we openly share a list of licensing companies, printing and production resources, dropshipping companies, wholesale manufacturers, art challenges, design competitions, and open calls for submissions.

YUP, it’s awesome.

Each month, you’ll join Bonnie for a session on mindsets. You’ll learn how to break through common stumbling blocks that artists experience at all stages like confidence, imposter syndrome, fear of rejection, overwhelm, and feeling creatively stuck.

We foster entrepreneurship. As a member, you’ll be invited to apply to teach a class for the community. There are so many members with incredibly unique and brilliant skillsets!

Members have the opportunity to get their work featured on our community Instagram account and inside the membership. Because we KNOW that getting more eyes on your amazing work will help advance your career more quickly!

Members get exclusive, behind-the-scenes updates on what Bonnie's working on, what's she learning, and VIP access to new releases. Bonnie is constantly inside the group, communicating with members and sharing the latest inside her highly successful 7-figure studio.

Members have a private community right inside the Hub (not on Facebook) where they can connect, ask questions, get feedback on their work and share their successes.

Not only will you have access to support from Bonnie, but also to her world class expert team. The team is filled with experts who have found success themselves, know Illustrator, the industry and exactly what emerging artists need.


The membership opens twice a year, each April & October. Join below to be the first to know when the doors open again.

The comprehensive Library contains over 220 lessons. 

Peek inside the membership.

Designed for productivity, efficiency, and searchability - you'll find the membership easy to navigate and inspiring to visit.


Betsy Mitten

"Flourish, to me, is that bridge from Immersion to a creative career! It's what, with my hard work,  makes me believe it's all possible. It's community and support, the nuts and bolts how to, a road map to success, easily accessible information, a place to acquire business savvy, and an opportunity to learn from you, your team, other community members, and an incredible collection of amazing creative entrepreneurs. I loved Immersion so much and stepping right into Flourish has helped me keep up the momentum - I can't tell you how I was chomping at the bit, waiting to join the minute it opened up!"


"Where do I begin? On the most basic level it has brought me joy. Because of Flourish I  began creating daily  and this in itself has been extremely cathartic and fulfilling.  Flourish has also shown me that doing work I love and creating the life I want for myself is possible. For the first time in my life I feel like I am moving in the right direction.  And more importantly, that I will succeed.  I just finished creating my first collection and I am brimming with ideas for another. I find the stages to be very helpful in keeping me focussed and organized."


"Before I discovered surface pattern design I was self-educating and trying to publish my own children's book. I had heard about licensing, but I lacked mentoring and good quality resources for a thriving artist career. I was torn to pieces trying to do different things, which left me feeling uncertain and overwhelmed.  

After joining Flourish I’ve obtained great resources, an amazing community, and a supportive mentor. I’ve been implementing strategies that really work, and I feel more positive and confident that I’m on the right track to achieve my goals."


"Joining Flourish has been one of the best choices I’ve made as an emerging surface pattern designer. Between Bonnie and the other members of the group, I’ve been provided with so much encouragement and resources to help further my career." 



"Flourish is what began me in my journey to surface pattern design. After working with clients in design for years, I one day realized that I could license my artwork and gain both the creative and financial freedom I was wanting. I began googling like crazy, trying to learn about licensing. I decided to take some motifs and turn them into patterns, hopefully to license, so I began googling like crazy for that too, learning how to make seamless patterns. I had run across Bonnie's name several times on Instagram, and that same week Bonnie put out a mini-class on pattern making. It was a defining week of my life and I jumped into Flourish then. I will never forget opening Flourish. I had realized a dream and then I had been gifted with all of the resources I had been looking for, all in one place. I took Immersion this year, and I can say I am a surface pattern designer now."


"Flourish has been a lifeline to my dream of becoming a surface pattern designer/licensed artist. Before I found the Surface Pattern Immersion course and Flourish I felt like an island floating out in a great big sea. I didn't know where to turn for the things I wanted to learn. Flourish has been a storehouse of information and the members are wonderful. Their support and encouragement as well as the mini courses and information Bonnie and her team post regularly has been such a boost for me. I can't express enough how grateful I am for this group!"




Learn from Bonnie Christine 

Internationally renowned Surface Pattern Designer, Entrepreneur and Award Winning Online Educator.


Bonnie has been creating artwork for brands and products around the world since 2009.

Her journey of being a completely self-taught designer and learning 'the hard way' is exactly what drives her passion for teaching. Over the past 8 years, she’s taught over 60,000 students the art of surface pattern design and the business side of being a successful creative entrepreneur.  

Flourish with Bonnie Christine is a community for surface designers and artists unlike any other, showing you how to create and sustain a creative business while connecting you with like-minded designers that generously share support, resources, and feedback. If you’ve ever felt like you’re alone in your endeavors, this community will become your new creative family!

It’s where business and art collide as we discuss authentic growth, heartfelt marketing, and growing your online business for long-term success. 

Flourish has given me purpose, it’s given me direction, the knowledge to be successful, it’s given me a life passion that I’m truly grateful for. I could not have traveled this far down the path of success as a surface pattern designer without Flourish. Bonnie you have been so incredibly generous and I’ll be forever grateful you found me.
-Jessamin Jensen
Flour·ish /fləriSH/ verb
1 To grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, as the result of being in a particularly favorable environment.


The membership opens twice a year, each April & October. Join below to be the first to know when the doors open again.